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There are eco-friendly reusable bottles and then there’s the Ocean Bottle, this thermal flask goes above and beyond when it comes to helping the environment, with 22 million kgs of plastic entering our oceans every day, it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic by weight than fish in our oceans, that is a terrifying prediction.

80% of this ocean plastic comes from a lack of waste management infrastructure in coastal communities around the world, so the team behind the Ocean Bottle have wanted to create a long-term network of recycling infrastructure to ensure plastic is collected before it enters our oceans in the first place. The sale of every bottle funds the collection of 11.4kg of plastic, equivalent to 1000 plastic bottles and is then invested back into people-powered waste management. By partnering up with Plastic Bank all the plastic waste that is collected by locals in coastal communities can then be exchanged for money, healthcare, tech products, school tuition and micro-finance at their local Plastic Bank. Since launching in January 2019 they have funded the collection of the equivalent of 30 million plastic bottles and by 2025 they aim to collect 80 million kgs of plastic which is equivalent to 7 billion plastic bottles, stopping them from ever entering our oceans, this alone could be enough to encourage you to buy one.

As ethically perfect as this bottle may be, design and performance are still important, these bottles come in five colours, Ocean, Sky, Sun, Forest and Rock. Constructed from BPA free recyclable plastic, this bottle has a dual opening system for pouring drinks, adding ice and making it easy to clean thoroughly (it is also dishwasher safe), if you remove both parts of the lid it can be used as a cup, ideal for hot drinks. The inner bottle is made from a durable stainless steel which also provides the insulation, the matt finish gives you extra grip when your hands are sweaty or whilst wearing gloves, the finish also stays cool to the touch and doesn’t create condensation. The Ocean Bottle has an anti-leak closure which performed well during out tests, the bottle weighs 230g when empty and can hold 500 ml, the lid cup holds about 90ml.

The Easy Carry Loop can be used to carry the bottle or attach it to a carabiner there is also an NFC smart chip in the bottle which means you will be able to keep funding more plastic collection for free when refilling at partner locations in the future. When we tested we found that after 9hours the hot water that started at 97˚C was 38˚C, which is warm but definitely not hot, the cold water that started at 8˚C was 10.5˚C 6 hours later and 13.5˚C 18 hours. The Ocean Bottle is definitely doing a lot of good in the world, it looks and feels like a premium product, hot drinks are best enjoyed within a few hours whilst cold drinks maintain their temperature for longer. RRP £40.00

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One of the most ethical reusable bottle out there.
  • Dual opening for pouring drinks, adding ice and easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Hot and cold insulation
  • Part made from ocean-bound plastic and fully recyclable
  • Matte finish for extra grip and does not sweat
  • BPA Free recyclable plastic
  • Anti-leak
  • One bottle will fund the collection of the equivalent of 1000 ocean-bound bottles
  • Carry loop
  • Doesn’t keep hot drinks hot longer than a few hours