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Airpop Active+ Halo Smart Mask Airpop Active+ Halo Smart Mask
Airpop Active+ Halo Smart Mask 3

Covid has brought a number of changes to our lives and for me the one that has become synonymous with leaving the house is checking I have my keys, wallet, phone and…….face mask.
The Airporp Active+ Halo Smart Mask is a reusable mask with replaceable filters of which you receive four with the product, along with a pouch and adjustable straps. It has an Airknit outer shell which is humidity, water and scratch resistant and a Patented medical-grade double membrane that is hygienic, thin, flexible & skin soft for continuous comfort.

The mask fits comfortably and comes in either Black or White but what sets this product apart from the everyday mask?

It has a Flex-Frame Chassis which is their flexible frame that keeps the filter open and in a correct shape when snapped into the outer shell and reinforces the filter’s structural integrity. It also has Aerodome Design, their Innovative domed design engineered for ideal airflow. The 3D shape stands off the face to create a canopy of clean air and balanced air circulation. I did prefer the air gap the Active+ Halo Smart Mask gave above your nose and mouth, it made breathing easier when compared to the conventional mask.

What makes the Active+ face mask “smart” is the Halo sensor embedded in the cloth layer. The sensor can track your breathing rate, air volume, and wear time and when combined with the smartphone app, can use your location to determine AQI (air quality index) and calculate the amount of particulate matter blocked. I did struggle with the interface of the app.

A pack of 4 filters cost £24.99 and the filters need to be replaced either once a week or after 40 hours use whichever comes first, these are easy to fit and replace. I found the mask comfortable, but for the initial price and replacement filter price it is expensive and the app itself is a little awkward to navigate. RRP £149.99

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When leaving the house grab your keys, wallet, phone and……..face mask.
  • Comfortable
  • Bulky
  • Expensive
  • Unintuitive App