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Beachwaver Graffiti Neon Curling Iron B1 Beachwaver Graffiti Neon Curling Iron B1
Beachwaver Graffiti Neon Curling Iron B1 4

Beachwaver is a female owned company and the brainchild of Sarah Potempa, an innovative hair stylist.

After two years of research the curling iron was launched in 2012, we got our hands on the Limited Edition Graffiti Neon that’s bursting with 90s vibes. With a graffiti style handle and a lime green wand it certainly stands out from the crowd, it has a lovely lightweight feel to it and is a comfortable length making it easy to handle. There is a 8ft cord which swivels 360 degrees so as not to restrict you, it also features a little stand so you can pop them down on a hard surface whilst it is still hot, you will also find the on/off button near the base, the rotating button at the top of the handle and a little clamp on the 1 inch wand.

There isn’t much in the way of instructions in the box but a QR code allows you to download the manual and there are plenty of videos and tips on the website to get you going. To switch the curler on just hold the power button for 1sec (hold for 3 seconds to turn off), this button is also used to change between the pre-set temperatures. There are three temperatures to choose from Low provides 290°F (150°C), Medium will give you 350°F (180°C) and High tops out at 410°F (210°C), to style your hair you need to get a section of your hair and secure it within the clamp, where you clamp your hair will give you different looks but leaving a little of your hair free at the end will add to that beach look. Then it’s just a case of pressing the arrow button to start the rotation, it moves faster than expected but you have control over how long it rotates for, it will stop as soon as you remove your finger.

Hold your hair around the wand for 2-3 seconds before releasing the clamp and sliding it out from your hair, give it a few seconds to cool to set it. When using for the first time it takes some getting used to, especially if you are used to a regular curling iron, you have to unlearn the habit of twisting the iron and let the buttons do the work. This is also a little tricky to start with when you are looking in the mirror and trying to work out which button to press but it gets easier the more you use it. However, I’m not entirely convinced the rotating action is a big game changer, although it does give your other arm a break whilst you curl. What I did love was the lovely soft and glossy curls the curling iron produced, the iron felt comfortable to use too and with a bit of practice it could become a really quick way of getting those soft beachy waves. RRP £119

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Let the curling iron do the hard work by rotating for you.
  • Produced soft, glossy curls
  • Rotating iron frees up the other arm
  • Dual rotation
  • 8-ft swivel cord
  • Comfortable to handle
  • 3 Heat Settings
  • The rotation takes some practise