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Beurer BM54 Beurer BM54
Beurer BM54 4
We’re all a little more health-conscious these days, especially those of us getting on a bit in years. One of those things that can creep up on us unawares are changes to our blood pressure, usually due to poor diet/habits over the years (certainly true in my case, I must admit!). Keeping an eye on our blood pressure and ensuring it stays at a healthy level is a sensible thing to do but not usually an option without regular trips to the doctor. This is why the BM54 could be a very handy regular feature of weekly life.

It functions pretty much as you would expect with the arm cuff able to go up to 17.3 inches for those with larger arms. The screen is nice and large and easy to read and gives you immediate information such as systolic and diastolic pressure, pulse rate and an icon that shows if you are possibly suffering from an irregular heartbeat. Bear in mind this isn’t designed to be a full-on diagnostic tool so if that does pop up, don’t panic! Just book an appointment with your Doctor to get a proper medical assessment once you’ve double-checked to make sure it wasn’t a one-off. The risk indicator is based on guidelines provided by the WHO however so it’s certainly worth paying attention to.

As well as being a good monitor in it’s own right, it can also connect via Bluetooth to your phone and you can make use of the Health Manager Pro app to keep a track of your measurements and to see how changes in diet/lifestyle can have an impact on your heart pressure over time via progress graphs and tables. This information can be stored locally or you can sync it with any other systems via the Cloud and it’s compatible with PC, Android and iOS. RRP £58.26

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