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Bloom and Nora Bloomers Mighty 3 Pack Bloom and Nora Bloomers Mighty 3 Pack
Bloom and Nora Bloomers Mighty 3 Pack 4.5

I have been using various types of reusable sanitary products in a bid to cut down on single waste plastics, however after the birth of our baby I found it difficult to find a decent maternity pad substitute.
The Bloom and Nora Bloomers Mighty 3 Pack have been specifically designed for heavy days and night wear, they would have worked perfectly for me post-partum too. These pads measure up at 29cm and can hold up to 170ml, if you need a comparison that’s over six and a half shots of tequila, it has a slim contoured cut to fit the shape of standard briefs and avoid bunching up. There is a strong plastic popper which holds the pad in place under the gusset, this proved successful at holding the pad in place whilst going about normal daily activities.

It does feel a little bulky when you first start wearing it, you certainly know it’s there however its actually rather reassuring to feel that high level of protection. The interior is constructed from a soft bamboo fibre that is gentle on your skin whilst allowing it to breath, unlike disposables that can quickly become too warm, not to mention the nasty chemicals that can irritate the skin. There is an absorbent two-layer Polyester Microfibre core and a stay-dry binding for added confidence against leaks. The waterproof outer pad is made from recycled fabrics and there is a choice of colourful patterns, we received the rather aptly named Lady Garden set.

They require a little bit of care but nothing too stressful, just a rinse in cold water immediately after use to prevent staining, they can then be stored in a waterproof bathroom bag. They will need to be washed within 48 hours with a non-bio washing detergent at 40 and with a cool tumble dry and can be reused up to 150 times, that’s a potential of a 12year life span. These soft, planet and body friendly pads can provide a little comfort during an otherwise rather uncomfortable time of the month. RRP £24.25

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Treat your body to a bit of comfort when aunt flow comes around.
  • Super soft bamboo lining and absorbent core
  • Recycled materials
  • Breathable
  • Holds firmly in place
  • Soft, made from recycled fabric
  • Wash up well
  • Contoured slim fit
  • Stay-dry binding