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Sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling down, everyone does it, but some people sweat more than others even without the presence of high temperatures or stress, this is a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis.

Affecting up to 4.8% of the global population, those with the condition can sweat 4-5 times more than the average person, causing a source of embarrassment which many choose not to talk about or seek help for.

The Dermadry is an FDA-cleared home-use tap water iontophoresis machine, oh you haven’t heard of an iontophoresis machine? Well this technology uses a direct but mild current to penetrate through the skin, in theory this neutralises the connection between the nerves and the sweat glands, there are mixed results with this sort of technology but evidence does seem to suggest it can have a noticeable positive effect on the reduction of sweating.

Clinical studies have shown that 92.9% patients saw results after two weeks of iontophoresis treatments with 88.9% of patients having positive results, with the majority of the patients finding the maintenance program compatible with their lifestyle.
Currently, tap water iontophoresis is the most effective therapy for hyperhidrosis, the Dermadry Total is a complete kit designed to target hands, feet and under the arms. It comes with a case, controller, two cotton towels, hand and foot electrodes, underarm electrodes, four underarm pockets, AC adapter and blade, cables and instruction manual.

At first it looks a little intimidating, but it is remarkably straightforward to use, this is lucky as it will need to be used regularly to ensure the treatment remains effective. Each treatment takes between 15-20mins and are relatively comfortable and the instructions are clear to follow, the Dermadry can be used with ages 13 and up but it is important you check their list of contraindications to see if this treatment is suitable for you.

You will need a bit of space to unpack everything and get set up, the case separates to become the water reservoir where the electrodes are placed and either your hands or feet go, for underarm treatment the smaller electrodes are inserted into pockets. The treatment itself is really simple, just keep your hands or feet on the plates for 20 minutes or the pads tucked under your arms for 15 minutes, plonk yourself in front of the telly and relax.

It must be said the Dermadry Total comes with a hefty price tag but if it can significantly reduce the effects of an uncomfortable sweat condition it could be well worth the investment, plus the 100 day money back guaranteed means you aren’t left out of pocket if it doesn’t work for you.

RRP £401

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If excessive sweating has been affecting your life this machine is definitely worth looking at.
  • Easy to use after a few goes
  • Comfortable treatment
  • 100 day money back guarantee
  • All packs away in the case
  • Short treatments
  • Results seen in as little as two weeks
  • Pricey