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Jose Eber Flat Iron HST Infrared Wet/Dry Flat Iron Jose Eber Flat Iron HST Infrared Wet/Dry Flat Iron
Jose Eber Flat Iron HST Infrared Wet/Dry Flat Iron 3.5

It’s a miracle if my hair sees a hair brush most days, it tends to get gathered up into a messy bun and there it will remain until I fall asleep which results in a knotty birds nest in the morning, however there are plenty of people out there who actually take care of their hair and style it each morning.

Washing, blow drying, and styling can take up a lot of time so Jose Eber’s HST Infrared Flat Iron cuts out the middleman by being suitable for wet and dry styling. The HST (heat styling technology) Infrared Wet/Dry Flat iron is constructed with extra wide 2” steam venting Tourmaline Ceramic plates, the sample we received had light scratches on the plate but we believe this was an isolated issue with this particular unit.

The infrared technology uses infrared light for a longer wavelength to produce a deeper penetrating heat for healthy, shiny results, by sealing in the moisture and protecting the hair, the far-infrared light produces negative ions and heat which eliminates frizz and adds shine. The Digital temperature control ensures you have the right temperature for your hair type, it heats up quickly and can be adjusted between 100˚C-200˚C.

The venting steam plates provide a high gloss finish and are the key to using it on wet hair, just make sure you have used some form of heat protection spray just like you would on dry hair. The flat irons will switch off automatically after 60minutes of non-use for safety and there is a switch at the base to keep them locked closed when not in use.

A heat proof safety mat or carry case would be a useful addition for extra safety, there is a slight gradient on the plate, so when closed there is a gap at the bottom of the plates, a little bit of pressure is needed to bring the plates together however it didn’t seem to affect the overall performance of the flat irons.

The irons don’t open particularly wide either which can make styling a little fiddly especially around the back of the head. During our tests the Infrared Wet/Dry Flat Iron performed well, the drying element feels all kinds of wrong to begin with but works quickly and effectively, they are a little pricey but if it saves you time in the morning this could be well worth it for the extra few minutes in bed. RRP £249.99

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Ditch the hair drier and style hair straight out of the shower.
  • Suitable for wet or dry hair
  • Automatic switch off
  • Safety lock
  • Far Infrared light technology
  • Wide steam venting plates
  • Expensive
  • No heat proof mat or case included
  • Don’t open very wide
  • Plates don’t meet at the bottom