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When I was younger my favourite spot at a gig was right at the front getting my ears blasted and my body battered, bigger the mosh pit and speakers the better, these days I am more sensible, and I count my lucky stars that the ringing in my ears persisted no longer than 24hours post gig.

These days we are better informed about the risks of long-term hearing damage with an estimated 7.1 million people in the UK living with Tinnitus it’s important to find the balance between safety and enjoyment. The Loop Earplugs Experience Pro are discrete little earplugs that will reduce the noise level by 18 decibels evenly across the frequency range, making it suitable for loud environments but also for those who are noise sensitive or looking for less distractions in a busy home or work setting. These earplugs come with four sets of silicone ear tips (XS + S + M + L), three sets of foam ear tips (S + M + L), two sets of Loop Mute inserts for extra noise reduction and a keychain carry case, they come in Glorious Gold, Midnight Black, Swinging Silver and Rose Gold, the Mute inserts are black of white, a couple of skin tone colour options would be nice for even more discretion. The Loop Experience Pro uses both an acoustic channel and mesh to filter, this mimics the ear’s function and reduces the volume levels whilst ensuring the sound and speech remain clear, just less loud.

The Loop Mute insert acts as an additional noise blocking accessory that stops sound entering the acoustic channel, this add an extra 5dB of reduction bring the total up to 23dB. They are comfortable in the ear and so snug they aren’t particularly noticeable, they can be worn with hats and helmets, they work well, its like turning the dial down on the worlds volume without loosing that detail unlike cheaper, single use earplugs that just block out all sound. The accessories could benefit from a few tweaks, like an optional neck cord, perhaps it won’t look as cool but if you drop one if these in the darkness of a lively gig, good luck finding them again. The case is fairly robust but a firmer catch to keep it shut would give us peace of mind that it won’t pop open whilst getting tossed about on a keychain. The Experience Pro are highly effective at reducing sound levels, letting you safely enjoy the sounds around you or focus your mind without shutting yourself off from the world. RRP £30.95

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Turn the world down with these effective noise reducing earplugs.
  • Comfortable
  • Discrete
  • Sounds and voices can still be heard
  • Can be worn with hats and helmets
  • Mimics the ears function
  • Reduces noise by 18dB
  • Mute insert reduces noise a further 5dB
  • No neck cord
  • Feels slightly vulnerable on the key chain