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Mental health and stress management awareness has become increasingly important in recent times, mindfulness, yoga and exercise are all heathy ways to manage stress and release endorphins.

The Pebble is a small natural stone device, weighing 300g (10.65oz), that on command rhythmically glows with a gentle light you can use to take 40-second moments of mindfulness. At first glance it looks like nothing more than a pebble, but the touch controls and LEDs combine to deliver a basic breathing exercise to help relax you.

Each stone is marbled and hand polished, with an ultra-smooth finish. The electronic components are encased in a smaller pebble inside the main one. The whole thing fits neatly in the palm of your hand and is light and compact enough to take on your travels too.

The stone has enough battery to last for a couple of weeks, so you could take it on trips, and it might help those who find flying stressful. When the battery does run low it charges wirelessly on an included stone cradle (which itself is powered via USB-C) rather than having a charging slot in the stone itself.

Most tech wellness products are based around a screen, from popular apps like Headspace and Calm to wearable health watches from Apple and Fitbit. While these can bring great results, they’re still centred on a screen – itself a major factor in our stress-filled lives.

The Moment Pebble rejects the screen-based approach for something more tactile, and as old as the Earth. It is shamelessly unconnected in an over-connected world. RRP £57.99

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A gentle reminder to stop for a second and strip your worries away.
  • No Screen
  • Allows you to relax and scale back
  • Elegant
  • Compact