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Nu Skin ageLOC LumiSpa Beauty Device Face Cleansing Kit Nu Skin ageLOC LumiSpa Beauty Device Face Cleansing Kit
Nu Skin ageLOC LumiSpa Beauty Device Face Cleansing Kit 4.5

The ageLOC LumiSpa Beauty Device is a high quality beauty tool for gentle and effective cleansing, this rechargeable and waterproof beauty kit comes with the ageLOC LumiSpa Device, Silicone Head (Normal) and the LumiSpa Activating Cleanser – Normal to Combination Skin (100ml).

The LumiSpa is easy to factor into your normal beauty regime, simply moisten your face with warm water and apply the Activating Cleanser that best suits your skin type. Wet the silicone head and turn on the device, and glide it slowly across your face in broad gentle strokes, the device will pause if you press too hard or scrub with it, it will also pause every 30 seconds which is a cue to move to another area of your face, the session lasts 2 minutes and will automatically switch off when done.

Then just rinse your face with water and gently pat dry before applying any further skincare, Nu Skin recommends using the LumiSpa for 2 minutes twice a day. The included cleanser is formulated with a blend of algae and plant extracts that will leave your skin feeling clear and rejuvenated, whilst the ageLOC ingredients target the visible signs of skin ageing, it also smells wonderfully fresh and floral.

The Silicone Head and Activating Cleanser work together nicely to massage the ingredients into the skin, suitable for both men and women the LumiSpa can remove makeup, dirt, oil and debris, the replaceable Silicone Head is softer, more hygienic and easier to clean than the bristle brush heads. After each use the skin is left with a clean glow, it feels soft and energized and if it can shave off a few years even better. RRP £213.49

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Create a spa in your own home with this luxury range from Nu Skin
  • Skin feels soft and refreshed
  • Easy to use
  • Luxurious treatments
  • Automatic switch off
  • Pre-programmed sessions
  • Spa style treatments at home