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Perifit Kegel Exerciser Perifit Kegel Exerciser
Perifit Kegel Exerciser 4

Women will often make jokes about a weak pelvic floor, how often have you heard “I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself” but the reality of living with weak pelvic floor muscles is no laughing matter, however with the right exercises many of these symptoms can be reduced if not fully eliminated.

The Perifit Kegel Exerciser helps you to train these muscles up in an efficient and surprisingly entertaining way thanks to its comfortable fit for all body types and the video games available on the app. The Perifit can help prevent pelvic floor disorders, stop stress incontinence, improve sexual intercourse, treat an overactive bladder, achieve faster postnatal recovery and heal prolapse without surgery.

As your pelvic floor muscles can often be hard to locate (you certainly can’t see them become toned like other areas of your body) the Perifit device is the only Kegel device to feature two sensors to target both your superficial pelvic floor and the deep pelvic floor layer. Training sessions are simple, insert the device, connect to the app, follow the on screen instructions and give it a wash with soap and water when you are done, easy, the device is comfortable at just 26mm wide and constructed from a medical grade silicone.

The app will guide you through your initial training, with clear instructions for each exercise so you can’t go wrong, the virtual coach is useful and fairly entertaining, you can place games for example making a bird fly up and down all by clenching the right muscles, all the while you will be tested on your strength, endurance, frequency, release and accuracy. The app provides you with real time feedback as well as your progress over time in clear and easy to read graphs, the app can provide you with assessments and show you where you can improve, the data combined with the games and notifications are a great way to keep you motivated and consistent with your training. The Perifit Kegel Exerciser is smart way to train your muscles, pass the time by playing games, see your progress in real time and most importantly get those important muscles into tip top shape allowing you to sneeze, laugh and jump all at the same time if whilst keeping your underwear dry. RRP $139

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Train your pelvic floor efficiently in a fun and motivating way
  • Two pressure sensors
  • Clean and useful app
  • Training games
  • Comfortable
  • Motivating
  • Connection to the device can sometimes disconnect

4 of 5

4 of 5

5 of 5

4 of 5