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Snoozeband 2.0 Snoozeband 2.0
Snoozeband 2.0 5

I’ve always fancied being able to drift off to sleep while having music playing in my ears and am quite jealous of those that can do it. But, every time I tried, the buds or headphones end up being uncomfortable at best and painful at worst. Needless to say, sleep isn’t really an option with those being the only two choices I have! So, the Snoozeband seems to finally be a genuine solution to my problem. I’m also quite glad it’s not just me in all honesty!

The speakers themselves are only 4mm thick and are buried within the material of the Snoozeband. In effect, it feels like you’re just wearing a headband when you settle down. With no buds to insert or plastic-bracketed headphones to dig painfully in to your head, the whole issue of comfort is addressed, just like that! You can access the speakers and the battery via a covered zip located on the front (so you can take them out when washing the headband) and there is an adjustable Velcro strap on the back. Small buttons on the front control the volume and the power on/off so no need to fiddle with complex button presses, it’s all quite intuitive.

The headset connects via Bluetooth and works with all sleep and audio apps so will find a use no matter what system you use. The battery life is about 10 hours before you need to recharge but you can set the Snoozeband to automatically turn off after one or two hours so you don’t end up draining the battery if you find sleep while listening to whatever you’re listening to. There are no flashing lights while in operation and no audio notifications for low battery or when it switches off, perfect! My new favourite bedtime accoutrement… RRP £49.99

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A great way to be able to drift off to sleep listening to your favourite soothing track or audio-book.
  • Comfortable
  • No audio notifications
  • Auto switch-off option
  • Good compatibility with media players
  • Honestly couldn’t find anything to complain about, they’re relatively cheap too!