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Snore Circle Sleepbreathe Comprehensive Sleep Breathing Monitor Snore Circle Sleepbreathe Comprehensive Sleep Breathing Monitor
Snore Circle Sleepbreathe Comprehensive Sleep Breathing Monitor 5

Snoring is caused by vibration of tissue in the throat and nose as we breathe. People who snore usually have too much tissue here which partially blocks the airway and makes it prone to vibration and the familiar sound of snoring and it affects 30 million of us in the UK.

The Sleepbreathe Comprehensive Sleep Breathing Monitor is a great present to give to a partner who snores as yes you are helping them to get better sleep, but really you are getting it for yourself.

Sleep apnea causes many health problems, lowers your work efficiency, and keeps you from focusing on the important things around you, and in some case, causing you to fall asleep during the day.

When unboxing the product the two things that strike you are how lightweight the mask is and how awesome the charger is, it’s tiny, it’s magnetic, you will have to buy the product to see what I mean. The product also comes with different length earloops and instructions.

The device monitors sleep apnoea, snoring, sleep cycles and sleep movement which you can monitor through the app. The mask has a really ergonomic design and is highly breathable made out of food grade silicone. To turn the mask on you simply hold the silver button on the device and pair it with your phone, then place it on your mouth and nose, in a world where we are used to facemasks this is a lot more comfortable.

The app will record all of your sleep data and is very accurate, it will record if you are sleeping on your front, back, left side or right side. It will display your breathing and snoring patterns on the graph in the app, tracking all suspected apnoea incidents. RRP $99

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Snoring is a big problem for many, get a hold of it with this device.
  • Great value for money
  • Well made
  • Comfortable
  • Accurate