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Snore Circle YA50G VVFLY APAP Snore Circle YA50G VVFLY APAP
Snore Circle YA50G VVFLY APAP 4
Lack of sleep is a horrible thing to endure as I’m sure most of us can testify to having experienced at some point and, when it’s caused by your nearest and dearest snoring their head off, it becomes even more frustrating to the point where you start resenting them, leading to problems elsewhere in your relationship. Not a good thing by any stretch of the imagination.

The Snore Circle is a device that you can use at home and when travelling to help prevent snoring and promote healthier breathing patterns when sleeping. It achieves this by providing positive air pressure that helps to keep your airways open and thereby prevent the vibrations that tight airways cause which is essentially what your snoring is. The device has two modes – continuous and auto-adjusting. Auto-adjusting is probably the best way to start as the software reacts to the breathing patterns it detects and adjusts the air-flow accordingly. The app records data in real time and shows you where and how your sleep is affected allowing you to make changes to how it works, tailoring it to suit you.

The mask is designed to fit comfortably over your nose and the straps keep it in place. The tubing is 185cm long, giving you plenty of flexibility so you can have the device on a bedside table and not worry about knocking it loose or over. There is a humidifier built in so you don’t end up with a dry mouth or throat, this technology helping to retain the moisture you need. The unit itself is fairly quiet, coming in at 37dB, quieter than a running fridge. All of this, combined with the app should give you the ability to take control of your sleeping patterns and hopefully get rid of snoring for good! RRP £385

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