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Stress effects everyone at some stage of their life, this last year many people have been more aware of it with lots of big changes and difficult times to get through, it has thrown a spotlight on how important it is to prioritise mental health.

The TouchPoint Solution for Calm is a clever bit of kit that uses a unique technique to bring you a moment of calm, wherever and whenever you need it. TouchPoint works by using proprietary neuroscience technology and creates a gentle, alternating micro-vibration to help calm you down, ready to fall into a natural sleep. Established in 2016 by founder Vicki Mayo, who originally set out to find a way to help her 4 year-old, who suffered from night terrors, get a good night’s sleep. There are now a range of products available for adults and children alike, tackling a whole host of common stress and anxiety related issues, including irritability, stress related headaches, PTSD, sensory sensitivity and task avoidance. This particular model focuses on calm and comes with two stainless steel mesh, magnetic closure wrist straps as well as the TouchPoints Basic units.

These stylish wrist straps are worn on either side of the body and you can discretely wear them throughout the day, at work, large social gatherings or any function that may trigger stress. They are incredibly simple to use, the multifunctional button needs to be hit once to switch it on and again to scroll through the three speed settings, by holding them next to each other you only need to select the speed on one device and the other will automatically fall into the right rhythm. The lights (green, blue, amber and pink) indicate the units are switched on and what level they are set at, they do make a little buzzing noise when active which could be distracting in very quiet settings. Tests carried out by TouchPoint showed that their BLAST (bi-lateral alternating stress tactile) technology could reduce stress by up to 70% in 30 seconds but also reduced the objective marker of cortisol both during and after a stressful event. We cannot decide whether the science is working here or it is simply a placebo, either way the TouchPoint for Calm quickly and effectively grounds you and brings you into the present, giving you a chance to reset and relax. RRP $204.99

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A stylish and clever calming wearable that brings you into the present and helps relax your body and mind.
  • Stylish, adjustable wrist straps provide discrete daily wear
  • Induces calm
  • Easy to use
  • Three different speed modes
  • Units automatically sync with each other
  • Dual charging cord
  • Bi-lateral alternating stress tactile technology
  • No automatic switch off
  • High price may put some off