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With so many people working at desks all day it is easy to pick up some pretty poor posture habits. As many people are now working from home the office furniture may have become a dining table, worktop or sofa, all of which are not suitable for an 8hour workday. Bad posture won’t just get you told off by your mum but will also have an adverse effect on your body causing strain on your back and neck which can develop into long term pain over time.

The Upright Go 2 aims to correct this by constantly monitoring your posture and retrain both your muscles and brain to hold you in the correct posture. This comes in the form of an App, personalised training plan based on your age, weight and back pain and the Upright Go 2 unit which is a 48 x 28 x 8.6mm sensor that attaches directly to your skin via a medical grade adhesive sticker. There are ten stickers included in the pack and they last around 3-10 days depending on your skin type. A single charge will provide 30hours of battery life whilst the lightweight design means you can easily forget you are wearing it, that is until you start slouching. When the six precision enhanced sensors in the GO 2 detects incorrect posture, it will vibrate to remind you to straighten up, the intensity of this vibration can be adjusted from a gentle reminder to a brisk telling off.

This stage is the Training mode, after this comes the Tracking mode which switches off the reminders but continues to track your posture, you can then review your achievements at the end of the day via the app. The app is easy to navigate, you can set daily training sessions that last between 10-15minutes, view your posture statistics, goals, improvements and more. You will probably find your muscles ache to begin with as they are simply not used to holding the correct position, but this lessens with time as your muscles become stronger and the position becomes more natural. The tracking and detecting proved to be reliable the majority of the time, and certainly will let you know when to straighten up, it is discreet and easy to use. There is a little room for improvement when it comes to the cost of the device, if it was waterproof you could forget about it in the shower, rain or even a sweaty workout, a few additional functions would be nice too for example reminders to move, get up, or stretch maybe beneficial.

Upright Necklace

The Upright Necklace gives you an alternative way to wear the Upright Go 2 without sticking it directly to your skin, it comes in six colours and is made from a high-grade medical silicone with a strong magnetic closure for a secure hold but fast removal. The Upright Go 2 then connects to the necklace via the USB C port which rests on the back in a similar position to where it would be stuck with the adhesive. The necklace is handy if you need to be able to remove the device quickly or you choose to only wear it for short periods of time, on walks for instance, however we found the adhesives more comfortable for longer periods and more accurate.

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RRP $119.90 Upright Go 2 and Necklace Bundle ($99.95 Upright Go 2 only)

If you suffer with back or neck pain (particularly after a long day at work) or simply want to ensure you avoid it in the future this little device will straighten you out.
  • Real-time posture feedback and tracking
  • 30 hours of battery life
  • Six precision enhanced sensors
  • Comfortable and discreet to wear
  • Training and Tracking mode
  • Effective coaching
  • Limited features for the price
  • Not waterproof