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When I was growing up, I was taught there were two products to choose from when it came to dealing with menstruation, tampons and sanitary towels, sadly this dependency on single use products drives an estimated 200,000 tonnes a year to UK landfills, worse still huge amounts of plastic waste generated from sanitary products are ending up in our oceans.

Thankfully these days there is more choice allowing you to break free of the single use products, period pants being one of the most user-friendly options. The Wuka Period Pants have a hi-tech absorbent layer with anti-bacterial properties and eco-friendly fabrics that are soft to the touch, kind to the environment and comfortable to wear. Wuka was founded by Rubina Raut a passionate environmental scientist who set out to solve the problems that surround disposable menstrual products, these reusable period pants come in Heavy, Medium and Light Flow and Tween designs, the Medium Flow come in Black or Grey models, naturally we asked for the Grey as any light coloured underwear is usually a big no no when aunt flow arrives. These undies are leak free thanks to the high-tech absorbency layer that can absorb 200x its own weight in water and lock it in, the anti-bacterial fabric prevents bacteria and odours and they are machine washable. The Medium flow can be worn up to 8hours on all but your heaviest days (I was easily getting 12hours wear on medium-light days), it will hold at least 15ml of period flow or light leaks (another issue these pants can be worn for), this is around 2-3 tampons worth.

When holding these pants they feel heavier than regular underwear but once you have them on, they feel comfortable, soft and you wouldn’t know any difference, you may find your undercarriage feels a little warmer than usual but then again I always feel hot at that time of the month. Cut in a bikini style you can move around freely, I tried out yoga, a HIIT class and a run without a single leak, I also wore them in bed with success. These pants need a rinse before washing to avoid staining and can then be chucked in with your dark wash at 40˚, they may take a little longer to dry than normal underwear due to the layers but they are safe to line dry, pop on the radiator or leave in the airing cupboard (do not tumble dry). If you are used to disposable sanitary pads and tampons these pants are going to blow your mind, they are much more comfortable, breathable, have less bulk and are better for the planet, just give them ago for one month and we think you will make the switch too. RRP £19.99

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Reduce waste by ditching the disposables and opt for the comfort of these leak proof period pants instead.
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Leak proof
  • Suitable for periods, post-partum discharge, endometriosis flow and bladder leaks
  • Machine washable
  • Try one and refund or exchange for a different size for free up to 40 days after purchase
  • Available in light, medium and heavy flow
  • Wear light coloured undies whilst on your period
  • Not suitable for those with a lower set cervix