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As much as snoring is often seen as a bit of a joke the reality of sharing your bed with a snorer is anything but funny, my partner is a snorer and it keeps me awake at night, it will occasionally wake him up and when we have people stay over it has even woken them up.

It doesn’t take a lot to get him to stop, a gentle jab in the ribs tends to get him to roll over which stops the snoring so when we saw the Motion Pillow which offered to take the rib jabbing out of the sleep routine we were both excited to try it out. The Motion Pillow from 10minds has been created after four years of research and development, the inbuilt technology detects your snores without the need of wearing anything on your face. The anti-snoring system comes in the form of a soft, memory foam pillow that has inflatable airbags built into it, this is then attached to the “Solution Box” which listens out for snoring, when it is detected it uses the sensors in the pillow to perceive where your head is positioned and inflates one of the four airbags to gently move your head. This change in position stimulates the relaxed muscles that are generating the snoring sound and resets your breathing, much like the jab in the ribs but slightly more friendly.

The Pillow is a little smaller than your average pillow (21.6 x 13.8 x 4.1 inches) so it may not fill out your pillow case, the lead connects into the top of the pillow in the middle so you will also have to consider which way you want the lead to pop out. The solution box measures up at 7.8 x 5.9 x 2.7 inches so you will need to dedicate some space on your bedside table for it. The app lets you record and measure your snoring patterns this gives you an insight into what can be the snoring triggers with daily, weekly and monthly reports, this is also where you can adjust the sound sensitivity (three levels to choose from) and inflation height (low-mid-high). The inflation process is gentle and quiet (35db) so as not to wake the user (or anyone else in the bed for that matter), it only adds an additional 2-3 inches but this is enough to change the position of the head, in my partners case it would sometimes encourage him to roll over completely. Once your head has moved it deflates again to allow you to move naturally around whilst asleep, if snoring is detected once more then the whole process starts over again. For the first week or two, 10minds recommends users to set it at the highest sensitivity level so that the Solution Box will have time to learn your snoring sound.

You will have to sleep in a quiet room so if you or your partner have the habit of falling asleep to the TV or a noise machine this could interfere with the performance. The Motion Pillow is comfortable and contoured to support your head and neck, the anti-snoring system is very easy to use, it proved effective and activated appropriately about 90% of the time, there were still a small amount of occasions when a rib jab was necessary but the majority of the time the pillow was activated before I was. 10minds recommend trying the Motion Pillow for one week with the inflation option deactivated to see how your snoring patterns normally are without the inflation of the pillow and there was a noticeable difference. The Motion Pillow is really something quite special, it could improve the quality of the sleep of the user, as well as that of anyone else in the room or even in the room next door. It’s a simple and effective solution brought to you by some very clever technology and well worth the investment to ensure a decent night’s sleep. RRP $315

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A clever and effective way to stop snoring by gently moving the head without waking the user.
  • Effective in stopping snoring Didn’t wake the user
  • Quiet and gentle inflation
  • Straight forward to use
  • Comfortable and supportive memory foam pillow
  • Doesn’t need to be connected to your phone to work
  • Connects via a lead
  • Slightly smaller than a regular pillow