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Aarke Carbonator 3 Aarke Carbonator 3
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There is perhaps one well-known brand that immediately springs to mind when you think of carbonation at home, but we encourage you to set that name to one side just for now and check out the stunning Aarke Carbonator 3.

This striking carbonator is available in a range of attractive finishes including Copper and Gold, but we were lucky enough to receive the Hammertone, a special edition model that features a rugged, industrial finish. This design looks professional, it will look at home in a rustic, modern, minimalist décor as well as industrial settings. The main body is constructed from a seamless, stainless-steel enclosure, it measures up at 414x153x258mm and a robust weight to it of 1680g. Everywhere you look you will find premium materials being used including the stainless-steel CNC-machined precision nozzle for a smooth and controlled spray beam, the internal safety valve system has had an overhaul to improve functionality. It is worth noting the Carbonator 3 does not come with a Gas Cylinder, a two pack can be added on during purchase for £60, they offer an exchange service with a free returns box (any 425g screw in cylinder is accepted), and you will receive a £10 deposit refund (per cylinder).

Each canister is filled with 100% renewable gas, and this will provide you with about 60L of sparkling water, the Aarke is also compatible with CO2 cylinders from Sodastream (except for Sodastream Quick Connect), AGA, Linde, and many other standard gas cylinders approved for use with sparkling water makers, with the exception of Australia and New Zealand. Included in the kit is the Carbonator 3, an 800ml BPA-free PET water bottle, stainless steel drip tray cover and Aarke cleaning cloth, it is easy to set up, simply fill your bottle up to the fill line and attach to the machine. Next just push the lever and hold until you hear a buzz, then release and unscrew the bottle from the machine and it’s ready to be enjoyed as it is or with additional flavourings added. The Carbonator 3 is clearly built to last and is easily the most stylish Carbonator we have come across, we loved the Hammertone design, the gas and extra bottles are initially pricey but its worth the investment for the premium quality and gas exchange program. RRP £230

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This carbonator is built to last, easy to use and gorgeous to look at, what’s not to love!
  • Premium design
  • Industrial finish
  • Easy to use
  • Built to last
  • Renewable gas with exchange program
  • Gas not included