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Aeropress Go Aeropress Go
Aeropress Go 5

The Go uses the exact same set up as its big brother but with a few added touches to make it even more portable than it already is, everything can be stored away including the mug and lid, this keeps all the pieces together and makes it easy to throw in a backpack. It is ultra-light weight and includes 350 micro-filters in a storage carton, filter cap, filter holder, fold out stirrer and scoop, say no to terrible coffee in hotel rooms and at work, get your caffeine fix wherever you go.

RRP £31.99

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With such a reasonable price and ultra-portable design the AeroPress and AeroPress Go is a must have for coffee fans, there is also something so satisfying about using the plunger motion, the coffee has a richer, fresher taste than anything that comes out of a jar.
  • Low cost
  • Ultra-portable
  • Fun to use
  • Extracts from the full surface area
  • Fast coffee making
  • Easy to clean
  • Only makes one at a time