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Anyone who is into their coffee has probably come across the AeroPress Coffee Maker at some point, this rather unusual looking product comes from Alan Adler, the creator of the Aerobie Flying Ring, after creating the perfect outside toy Adler turned his engineering skills to focus on making the perfect coffee maker, the natural progression for every engineer.

The AeroPress Coffee Maker has a massive cult following and for good reason, it has an irresistible price tag, compact design and super portable build allowing you to make a quality coffee anywhere you can find hot water. Don’t be put off by the mad syringe style appearance the AeroPress is easy to use after a few goes and will turn you away from instant coffee for good.

The AeroPress uses gentle air pressure which creates a smooth, rich flavour with lower acidity and without bitterness resulting in a tasty coffee, the extraction is taken from the full surface area of the filter and not just the centre like some drip extractors, this gives you as much flavour as possible in ultra-fast time. The AeroPress comes with 350 micro filters, coffee scoop, funnel and a stirrer which can all be stored in the main unit saving space, the seal was upgraded in September 2018 and is softer than its predecessor whilst remaining just as durable.

It is best to use fine drip or espresso ground coffee, a firm pressing will result in 5.1 psi this produces an espresso style coffee, not a true espresso but it never claims to be an espresso maker, the plunger should be pressed for as long as 20-30 seconds for the best results. Once the coffee is pressed all the grounds and filter can be disposed of by removing the basket and pressing the plunger until it pops out which makes it quick to clean, the filters can also be removed, rinsed and reused.

With lots of different pieces to fit together and strict instructions to follow it can take a couple of goes to get the hang of it but it quickly becomes second nature, a lot of people think you can only make one cup which yes is true, but only if you put one scoop in, if you double/triple the coffee amount, you can make enough for a small gathering when topped up with water, the Aeropress is versatile and not just a one cup pony

RRP £29.99

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With such a reasonable price and ultra-portable design the AeroPress and AeroPress Go is a must have for coffee fans, there is also something so satisfying about using the plunger motion, the coffee has a richer, fresher taste than anything that comes out of a jar
  • Low cost
  • Ultra-portable
  • Fun to use
  • Extracts from the full surface area
  • Fast coffee making
  • Easy to clean
  • Only makes one at a time