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Mesh networks when they first came out were very expensive creatures thankfully these are now coming down in price while bringing in the new faster WiFi 6 technology which is a platform that has room to grow over both the short and long term, this brings me nicely onto the Amazon Eero 6.

The Eero mesh 6 is the second launch from Amazon since they took over Eero in 2019, from the outset what I liked was this new release has brought in WiFi 6 technology while not increasing the price too much. The Eero Mesh 6 is an ideal entry level system for you to create a mesh network at home at an affordable price of £279.99, however if you have an internet speed above 500 mbps I would suggest looking at their Pro model instead.

Let’s talk cosmetic before we go technical, I love the design of the Eero, sleek, elegant and will fit nicely in any home décor. There are three units included within the box, the main adaptor that connects to the router with a spare ethernet port and two satellite extenders which will form your mesh network. The Satellite extenders do not include ethernet ports which some other products do and I feel they should include on their next model. Setup was simple and intuitive as you would expect from the brand, just download the app and follow the onboard instructions.

The Eero 6 router also includes its own Zigbee radio meaning you don’t need an additional Zigbee hub so you can connect things like lights and speakers with Alexa. I found the WiFi to be stable and didn’t drop out once, however the speed dipped ever so slightly but not as much as has been exaggerated as I saw online. For me this is a perfect product for the Alexa smart home with less than 500 mbps broadband. RRP £195

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The perfect mesh for the Alexa smart home
  • Look Great
  • WiFi strength is constant
  • Great entry level price
  • Lack of ethernet ports on satellites
  • Can only handle speeds of up to 500 mbps