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AnySharp XBlade Professional Suction Knife Sharpener AnySharp XBlade Professional Suction Knife Sharpener
AnySharp XBlade Professional Suction Knife Sharpener 5

Did you know a blunt knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife? This is because more pressure needs to be applied with a blunt knife, making it is more likely to slip and find its way into your finger. With that in mind a decent knife sharpener is an essential piece of kitchen gear that can bring new life even to the oldest of knives, saving you money and plasters, the XBlade can sharpen and hone your knife making it a very unique product. The AnySharp XBlade Professional Suction Knife Sharpener is a professional grade sharpener which comes in either a Satin Silver or Gun Metal design, both attractive looking pieces that you would be happy to dedicate worktop space to. The XBlade works with all knives and self-adjusts to each knife automatically, this award-winning design uses tungsten carbide technology to extend the life of the knife and works with virtually any steel knife, including hardened steel knives from 12.5° to 22.5°, standard European steel knives and professional Japanese chef’s knives.

The XBlade has a simple and intuitive action that means anyone can use it without the risk of damaging their knives (or themselves), there is no installation needed, it attaches to any smooth surface via the sturdy suction cup that produces 20kg of holding power. Once the sharpener is attached to the worktop, pop the knife in the groove, apply a little pressure and draw the knife back through the XBlade, the sharpening tools move up and down with varying pressure, similar to the fine grinding effect of a whetstone or sharpening stone. The XBlade adjusts for pressure and the different angles of different knives, you only need to use one hand when sharpening, left or right, it takes just a few seconds to revive the blade, the suction cup can then be released via the tab at the back. The robust metal alloy construction will last for many years and AnySharp are so confident in their product it comes with a 10year performance guarantee. Whether you are a kitchen newbie or a pro chef the XBlade will work for you, with its fool proof design your knives will be performing at their best making cooking an effortless and safer experience. RRP £69.99

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Every kitchen will benefit from the XBlade, sharpen your knives in seconds and take the effort out of food prep.
  • Works with virtually any steel knife
  • 20kg suction cup holding power
  • Tungsten carbide technology
  • Fool proof design
  • 10year performance guarantee
  • Sharpens in seconds
  • Automatically adjusts to different knives