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I’ve reviewed plenty of security cameras in the past from internal to external, day time cameras to night vision cameras and, it’s fair to say, where some of them have stated they have night vision, they’ve left a little lacking. Grainy at best or just black and white with a lack of definition is the usual norm but this latest security camera from Arlo is able to capture over 60 billion colours with its 2K night vision! Most decent cameras deliver at 1080p so already it’s way ahead of most of the competition.

The camera has a built-in spotlight with a good 7 metre range that can light up instantly when someone moves within its view, so it’s even useful as a night light for when you’re getting home late. On top of this, there is also a siren that belts out an impressive 80dB’s that can be heard up to 30 metres away – if that isn’t enough to scare off a potential intruder, I don’t know what would be! You can control this feature amongst many others (animal/person/vehicle recognition and sharing of videos for starters) by using the Arlo Secure App so if you don’t want it to go off every time someone visits, not a problem. The Pro 5 also has a 160° viewing angle so setting it up to cover a wide area is pretty straightforward.

The battery life is good, probably needing a recharge every 8 months or so, depending on how often it is set off and the camera connects wirelessly straight to your Wi-Fi. There is no internal storage system however so bear this in mind when setting it up and make sure it is as near to your router as possible or get yourself a booster to plug in so that you don’t lose connection at a crucial moment! RRP £219.99

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A very good quality picture makes this one of the best security cameras you can buy. Just bear in mind the monthly subscription to get the most out of this device.
  • Wireless connection
  • Good field of view
  • Good battery life
  • Fantastic picture
  • You have to pay monthly after the free trial ends to store your videos