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As a parent, sometimes a little kitchen magic goes a looong way. Making smiley faces with bacon and eggs, creating ‘mountains’ with mash potato, ‘trees’ with broccoli, you get the idea. Normally in an effort to get them to eat whatever it is you know is good for them. But sometimes, something is fun to eat already so why not jazz it up a bit now and then? The Banana Loca does exactly that.

It’s easy: cut an end off the banana, core out the centre, put a filling in the dispenser and slot the banana on. Give the dispenser a squeeze and hey-presto, you’ve got yourself a filled banana without even having taken the skin off! Give to child and reap the rewards of being the most awesome parent on the planet! Until the next time you refuse to buy them whatever essential-to-life-itself item they want of course…
For all those without kids though, what’s stopping you?! How often have you ended up with the munchies and needed something sugary? Eating fruit by itself, while really quite tasty (and thoroughly recommended) doesn’t quite scratch that itch does it? So why not use this device to satiate that feeling of being a little naughty while actually staying healthy? Low-fat chocolate spread, sugar free sauces, I reckon you could even do a little bit of sugar-free jelly in the middle, just make sure you seal it up good before placing it in the fridge to set, yeah?

The downside to anything that helps in the kitchen is the clearing up however. And this is where the Banana Loca is less fun. Child A wants chocolate spread, child B wants jam. Do you really want to be washing up the whole thing while one eager kid munches happily away with the other staring forlornly at you? RRP $28.99
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A fun little gadget to add something different, just be prepared for the endless washing up!
  • Easily core bananas
  • Fill with a variety of toppings – let your imagination run riot with this one!
  • Earn parent points!
  • Easy to use
  • Not really practical for different types of fillings at the same time
  • Needs cleaning straight away really – I want to eat my banana now!