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The biOrb Life 60 is the largest of four tanks available in the Life collection from biOrb, the other sizes available are 15L, 30L and 45L. Each tank is constructed from acrylic which is much stronger than glass. The gloss acrylic wrap which surrounds the tank is available in White, transparent or black. The dimensions of the tank are 42cm (L) x 26cm (W) x 62cm (H) and it weighs 13kg when empty and 65kg when filled.

As the biOrb Life 60 name suggests this model can hold 60 litres of water which can provide a habitat for approximately 20 tropical or 10 cold water fish. When opening the box you will find the tank with ceramic media, biOrb multi-coloured remote control lighting, filter cartridge, air stone, 12V transformer, air pump, water conditioner, fish food, beneficial bacteria liquid, filtration system and full instructions. Everything you need to get your fish tank set up and ready to bring those little fishies home.

The system is simple to set up and when finished it looks stunning and is a real talking piece. We were sent an additional Décor Set they sell these for the 15L and 30L tanks but they just added a few more for us and we chose the Red Forest which is stunning but there are another 9 Décor Sets for you to choose from. The biOrb Life 60 has a real new age design as it’s a rounded rectangle that’s taller than it is wide. The front and back panels are both made of clear acrylic, while the other sides are completely black. This design provides a sleek, modern look that will fit perfectly with most decors.

The patented filtration system is unique in that it works through the distinctive central air tube that circulates 100% of the water in the tank through five different stages, including biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration, along with water stabilization and oxygenation. The pump is standardised across the whole Life range and has a low wattage so won’t use up much energy.

What is not to love about this product, set up and installation is simple, it is easy to maintain and the biOrb Life 60 looks amazing, this was a real pleasure to review. RRP £365.99

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A real pleasure to review
  • Simple setup
  • Lovely design
  • Lots of choice for accessories
  • Easy to maintain