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BISSELL PowerClean Carpet Washer BISSELL PowerClean Carpet Washer
BISSELL PowerClean Carpet Washer 5

The PowerClean is their newest Carpet Washer BISSELL has brought to the market and at a really affordable entry level price, with a newborn and two cats we are having to wash our carpets regularly.

The BISSELL PowerClean weighs 5.6kg which is incredibly light for a carpet cleaner yet still packs a powerful cleaning punch, when the tank is filled its roughly 2kg heavier. This is the perfect carpet washer for your home as with its size and weight it’s easy to whizz around the house even with a baby in the other arm, also from a storage point of view it is easy to store away in a cupboard when compared to some of the competing brands.

The PowerClean uses Two-tank technology which means you are always using clean water and solution to clean your carpets and area rugs and the dirty water will always remain separate, so you are never recycling that dirty water back into your carpets. Some carpet washers we have used can leave the carpets wet for the better part of the day, the PowerClean left the carpet damp for a few hours. The tanks are easy to fill and empty and it is always both satisfying and disgusting to see that brown water.

We were really pleased with the end result and having reviewed cleaners double the price of the BISSELL PowerClean and taking into account the portability factor as well, for me I would look no further if you are looking to freshen up your carpets. RRP £149.99

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Look no further for cleaner carpets.
  • Light
  • Easy to Store
  • Leaves your carpets looking brand new
  • Doesn’t leave them damp for long