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Blurams PTZ Outdoor Cam 3MP Blurams PTZ Outdoor Cam 3MP
Blurams PTZ Outdoor Cam 3MP 4.5

Ever had one of those ‘discussions’ with a delivery company? The kind where they insisted they tried to deliver an item but nobody was home, even though you were home and never once did you leave your vigil – watching, eagle-eyed for that very important parcel? Well, this is where the Blurams PTZ Outdoor Cam comes in to its own! “What time did you say you tried to deliver my parcel? Oh, reallllly….”.

It’s got Smart Motion Tracking with Human detection, facial recognition, it’s weather-proofed, has coloured night-vision and a lifetime, free Cloud storage capacity. So, not only is it good at proving that pesky delivery driver certainly did not attempt to deliver at such and such a time, it’s also really good at proving when people have come on to your property! Which leads us to the matter of security.

It comes with a built-in siren and flashing alarm that you can activate remotely via the Blurams App. As soon as the motion detector notices someone in the view of the camera (which can have a fixed field view or a sweeping scan), the app notifies you and you can instantly tap in to what the camera is seeing, allowing you to set the alarm off if somebody looks suspicious. It also has Wi-Fi capability as well as being able to connect via ethernet so no worrying if someone cuts the wire!

This camera is also pretty versatile in that it works with IFTTT (If This Then That) applets and so you can create your own trigger points for when you want to be notified or download recordings at certain times. When combined with the very reasonable cost of the unit itself, this becomes a pretty versatile piece of kit for not a massive lay-out. RRP £47

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Affordable, adaptable and instantly accessible video footage make this a pretty good deal.
  • Affordable
  • IFTTT Applets
  • Life-time storage
  • Face recognition
  • Motion Detection
  • No battery option – you have to make sure that power cable is hidden!