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Brabantia BO Laundry Bin 60L Brabantia BO Laundry Bin 60L
Brabantia BO Laundry Bin 60L 4
When a company has been around for over 100 years and making home products for 70 of those, they must be doing something right! This laundry bin has been designed to be as inconspicuous as is possible with a laundry bin… It’s still where all your dirty clothes go after-all. Brabantia, in their usual style, have gone out of their way to design this one to blend in with other furniture you may have around and not be an eye-sore with its cabinet-like design.

To begin with, this laundry bin, unlike traditional laundry baskets, isn’t round, it’s rectangular. Seems like a small thing but it does mean that it takes up less space and can slot in to a gap or push up against the wall far more easily. It also rocks in as a sturdy, solid piece – it’s made mostly out of steel. Not cheap ‘bad-for-the-environment’ plastic that breaks at the drop of a hat that is so common these days but a material that is recyclable for when you feel the need for a change in décor coming on.

Given that it’s made of steel, you’re not going to be wanting to lug this to the washing machine every time you want to wash the contents (although it only weighs about 4 Kg despite the material it’s made from so shouldn’t be a problem when you do need to move it) but thankfully, this comes with a Velcro sealed cotton laundry bag (which is itself machine-washable) that fits in much the same way as a bin bag in a conventional bin. And, to make life even easier, the lid is an easy-to-use quick-drop opening that helps to prevent any unwanted odours escaping. The laundry bin is supplied with non-slip legs that you attach yourself and that make cleaning around it very easy.

RRP £167

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