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Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 Click and Grow Smart Garden 9
Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 4.5

What is the opposite to a green fingered person? I think the colour brown should be in there but that doesn’t have a nice ring to it, anyway I’m whatever you call a person who can take a plant from thriving and leafy to dry and twiggy in a matter of days.

The Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 is ideal for people like me, practically fool proof with the added bonus of being suitable for even the gloomiest, gardenless homes. The Smart Garden 9 is an innovative self-growing garden that comes with, unsurprisingly, nine different plants to get you started, three tomato, three basil and three salad, however there are over fifty pre-seeded pot plants to choose from with everything from strawberries, chillies, coriander and peas to lavender, Busy Lizzies and French Marigolds.

You can enjoy all the benefits of having a mini garden anywhere, 365 days of the year, all you need is a plug socket, the plants are 100% organic and free from GMOs and pesticides. The Smart Garden 9 might not look the prettiest but that bulky white base is actually a four litre (roughly one month’s amount) water tank for automatic watering, the built in ‘set and forget’ pro-grow light offers the perfect amount of artificial sunlight for healthy plants whilst the biodegradable seedpods come packed with all the nutrients your leafy friend will need.

Energy bills aren’t going to suddenly jump up with the Smart Garden 9 as it consumes a mere 70kWh a year, that’s approximately £6 a year, the light will automatically switch on and off in 16/8 hour cycles, just ensure you start the cycle early enough in the day that the light doesn’t interfere with your bedtime routine.
Other than keeping an eye on the water indicator and topping up every four weeks the Smart Garden 9 is super low maintenance, you just get to enjoy all the fruits of your ‘labour’ with this lovely indoor garden. RRP €199.95

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The Smart Garden 9 is so fool proof even the most incompetent gardener will have success.
  • Automatic watering, light and feeding
  • Four week water tank
  • Organic plants
  • Easy to use
  • Click and Grow plant a tree with every purchase
  • 50+ plants to choose from
  • 365 days a year growing
  • Low energy consumption
  • Water tank could be prettier