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Cuisinart Air Fryer Mini Oven Cuisinart Air Fryer Mini Oven
Cuisinart Air Fryer Mini Oven 4.5

Air fryers were previously a rather outdated piece of kitchen equipment banished to the back of the cupboards but since the cost-of-living crisis they have made a name for themselves as a cheaper way of cooking our dinners.

An air fryer is more than just cost effective however, it is often quicker and healthier than other frying methods like deep frying for example. This Mini Oven from Cuisinart comes with an air fryer basket, oven rack and baking tray, it has been designed to take up minimal space on your worktop whilst providing maximum cooking capacity. It comes pre-set with seven different cooking functions, air fry, roast, bake, grill, toasties, toast and keep warm, this means it can tackle everything from baked treats, roasts dinners, crisp 12” pizzas, as well as grilled meat and fish and evenly cooked toasties and paninis, it will even do the morning toast for you. It heats up within 90 seconds making it almost immediately ready to use, it uses controlled airflow technology and due to the smaller size it cooks 30% faster than a conventional oven as well as using less energy.

It has a cute, classic style design, that would fit into most kitchen decors. There are four intuitive controls that adjust the temperature, cooking function, toast shade and cooking time. This Air Fryer has a total capacity of 17L, big enough for a family of four (feeding them not cooking them) and can roast up to a 1.8kg chicken. The two shelves mean you can cook on two levels, there are six temperature settings to choose from ranging from 90°C to keep the food warm to 230°C fast air fry, the built in timer (maximum 60minutes) will ring once when the cooking has finished and then automatically turn the oven off. if you are anything like me and you find timings for meals with lots of elements tricky then the mini oven can stand in to keep the food warm until its ready to serve. Other features include the easy to clean non-stick interior and the glass front panel and interior light that lets you keep an eye on the food as it cooks. We liked the Air Fryer Mini Oven, it heated up superfast, cooked evenly and has a good capacity for its dinky stature, it is definitely worth considering if you are looking at investing in an air fryer. RRP £250

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This compact air fryer mini oven cooks quickly and evenly, saving you time and money.
  • Versatile
  • Ready to use in 90 seconds
  • 30% faster than a conventional oven
  • 7 cooking modes and 6 temperature settings
  • Compact in size
  • Big enough to cook for a family of 4
  • 2 shelves for even cooking over 2 levels
  • Easy to clean non-stick interior
  • 60-minute timer with automatic shut off