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Drew&Cole Soup Chef Pro Drew&Cole Soup Chef Pro
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As someone who still has the eating habits of a child, I’m a big fan of soups, it’s a way of cramming veggies into my diet by disguising them with lots of other flavours.

The Drew&Cole Soup Chef Pro takes all the hassle out of making a home-made soup by doing everything for you, well, you might need to still do a bit of chopping and opening the odd can. The Soup Chef Pro looks a little like a normal kettle and won’t take up too much space on the worktop or in your kitchen cupboard. What sets this soup maker apart from others on the market is that it is the fastest 1.6l soup maker in the UK market (that’s 4-5 bowls worth), with the ability to deliver hot, fresh soup in as little as 19 minutes. Now, fast isn’t always a good thing when it comes to extracting the full flavour from your ingredients so it’s worth experimenting to see which suit this speedy mode best. The Sauté Function uses a Teflon base to bring out the flavour of the ingredients for a richer taste, this function takes a little longer but is worth it for the taste. Chunky soups will also take a little longer but 25 minutes isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things, the built-in blades can be pulsed to get the perfect consistency for you, whilst the Smooth+ mode makes extra smooth soups, sauces and dahls.

One of the things me and my partner often moan about is having the time at lunch to prep something and eat it before getting back to work, this means we often resort to less healthy alternatives (a Snickers and a coffee isn’t ideal). The Soup Chef Pro however has a delay timer that can be set for up to 12 hours, this means you can prep your lunch or dinner when you have the time, switch it on and forget about it until it is ready. If your lunch break is running late, the soup maker will happily keep your soup warm for up to two hours so there is no need to reheat it. That large capacity can also be taken advantage of to batch cook, letting you freeze or refrigerate the leftovers for another day or to take to work if you are heading back to the office. The benefit of home-made soups is you can make them as healthy and nutritious as you want, you can also add ingredients or seasoning throughout the cooking process, the lid can be removed for up to three minutes at a time, then the cycle will carry on as before. The Auto-Clean function means that all you need to do is add some water and soap and run this mode for a good clean, then just tip the water out, give it a rinse and it is ready for next time. The Soup Chef Pro is easy to use and produces tasty soups, quickly and in bulk, the handy recipe page on the website offers lots of inspiration with over 100 recipes to try out. RRP £74.99

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Get hot, fresh soup when you want it, be that in 19minutes or 12hours time.
  • Double wall construction keeps soup hot
  • Fresh soup in just 19 minutes
  • Delay timer, up to 12 hours
  • Choose your consistency
  • Sauté mode
  • Large 1.6l capacity
  • Auto Clean after use
  • Some ingredients require a longer cooking process for full flavour