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Duux Globe Table Fan Duux Globe Table Fan
Duux Globe Table Fan 4.5

We’re all a lot more environmentally conscious these days and sometimes we have to make the odd sacrifice to satisfy our desire to ‘do our bit’ for the environment. When I found out how much energy my fan used for example (a massive 60 Watts and it’s huge!), I started using it far more sparingly and just had the windows open instead. Unfortunately, the noise from the main road outside my top floor flat made listening to music and watching my favourite shows problematic to say the least. And I do like my lazy days doing those very things!

Then, along came this little beauty and oh, what a difference! The energy consumption is far better (up to 27 Watts but can be as low as 2!), it’s powerful, easily reaching all areas of my front room (it can reach up to 7 metres apparently) and it even goes up and down, not just sideways (it’s the little things sometimes…). Most importantly for me though, it’s quiet. I can close my windows and make sure there’s plenty of cool airflow all around my front room and barely even notice it when the latest episode of whatever I’m bingeing on my favourite streaming service is on.

It’s also a lot smaller than my old fan and it looks… well, pretty cool actually! Like a little rotating ball throwing out cool air. It comes with a remote so I don’t even have to get out of my chair to adjust anything. My only criticism of it is that there are only 3 speeds and the oddity that is the automatic time-out mode. Just 1 or 3 hours? Would it have been that hard to include a variable timer?

Small grumbles though: compact, quiet and energy efficient wins the day for me. RRP £79.99

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Prepare yourself for this years heatwave.
  • Stylish looking
  • Remote control
  • Quiet and powerful
  • Energy efficient
  • Only 3 speed settings
  • Only 2 set choices for automatic time-out