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EKO Deluxe Phantom Kitchen Bin EKO Deluxe Phantom Kitchen Bin
EKO Deluxe Phantom Kitchen Bin 4.5

The kitchen bin is one of those products in your home that gets used time and time again throughout the day yet is never considered to be one of the items you couldn’t live without, well, unless you want to go running out to the wheelie bin constantly, then trust us, it is.

The Deluxe Phantom from EKO is an award-winning motion sensor bin (see, some institutions recognise how vital a good bin is) with dual compartments and an interactive display. The Phantom comes with two removable inner buckets each providing 20L of space making it straightforward to clean or take out to the wheelie bin. The bin has been cleverly designed to be as compact as possible and will lay flush against your wall and takes up a foot print of just 27cm x 46cm and stands 66cm tall. The outer body is constructed from high quality brushed stainless steel for a sleek and clean finish, and is fingerprint resistant.

The Phantom can open via the intuitive hands-free motion sensor, just wave a hand, the blue lights will indicate it has registered your action and the double door lid will smoothly open. This hygienic option will require six AA batteries (not included) and should last up to 20 thousand times with fresh new long lasting batteries. The blue lights on the indication display will switch off in succession to show when the lid will close. The lid stays open for what seems like the optimal amount of time for disposing of most things, if you are scraping off leftovers from a stack of plates for example the manual stay open button can be pressed to hold the lid open, this does require physical contact.

That split lid means the entire lid is shorter than most, making it easier to tuck under a worktop, however it can make it harder to get bulkier items into the bin and you need to drop rubbish in from directly above, it can also make it harder for guests to see which side is recycling and which is general waste. The lid mechanism is super quiet and closes softly, the integrated bin bag fixer allows for any sized bags to be securely held in place, the dual buckets are convenient for separating your recycling from the non-recyclables.

The only addition we would like to see would be an option to manually open the bin whilst the batteries are recharging, this ensures you can still open the bin in emergencies, as it is you would have to remove the entire lid, not the end of the world but this is a premium bin with a premium price tag.

All things considered the Deluxe Phantom is a great product with an elegant design, the touch free opening keeps things hygienic especially useful when preparing meals, it can be tucked into small spaces and helps you sort out the recycling, everything you could want in a kitchen bin. RRP £179.99

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A hygienic and practical kitchen bin that helps you organise the recycling.
  • Touch free sensor opening
  • Split lid opening
  • Two colour coded 20l buckets
  • Lays flush against the wall
  • Short lids allow it to be tucked under the counter
  • Fingerprint resistant finish
  • Indicator lights
  • Manual ‘keep open’ function
  • Smooth and quiet mechanisms
  • No manual opening if batteries die
  • Lids can get in the way with bulky items