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Eko Regal Dish Rack Eko Regal Dish Rack
Eko Regal Dish Rack 3

When it comes to draining racks I’m not going to pretend to be an expert, I have the same draining rack I’ve owned since I first moved out, putting it at about 17 years old, it has rusty little feet and is mostly held together with limescale.

As you can imagine it didn’t take much to outshine my little piece of scrap metal in the looks department, the Regal Dish Rack from Eko is constructed from a mixture of Stainless steel, Plastic, TPE and Silicone with colour accents of the plate dividers and cutlery holder. It measures up at H8.1 x W43.5 x D32.5 cm so it is quite compact, the plate divider lays flat and the removable cutlery holders can be laid on their side making it even more compact and possible to store away if needed, although I’m not sure there is much benefit to this unless you enjoy a super minimalist kitchen look. This also means they can be removed entirely giving more room to dry your big pots and pans without creating some sort of precarious tower.

The interior provides a safe place for your tableware thanks to the scratch resistant finish. The outer has a brushed stainless-steel finish that has a fingerprint resistant coating on both ends making it look more attractive than an all plastic finish and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. What stood out immediately to me was the distinct lack of draining holes in the base, that’s because the Regal uses a different way of getting rid of the water, with a little foot that raises at one end and a water spout at the other it creates an incline to expel the water into the sink. So the good things about this system is you can use it on a regular surface without getting it wet underneath, it is worth setting up the incline before the rack is full just to avoid knocking over any dishes whilst accessing the leg.

The downside is that the drainage spout is only in the centre of the rack this means it can leave water and residue in the corners and inside the cutlery holders that will require cleaning out. It also means it won’t work with every sink, ours has a rounded raised edge which means the water wouldn’t drain into the sink but pour back onto the work top. The added cleaning maintenance and smaller capacity means it won’t be replacing my tatty old draining rack for now, however it will be ideal for kitchens with restricted space as well as caravans and other camping set ups. RRP £39.99

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This compact drainer will keep surfaces dry underneath whilst sending the water back into the sink via the drainage spout.
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Can drain the water directly into the sink
  • Scratch proof interior
  • Small storage
  • Leaves water residue behind in rack
  • Draining spout won’t work with every sink
  • Pricey