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This was the kind of thing promised to us back in the day when Tomorrow’s World (Google it, if only to laugh at some of the wildly innacurate predictions!) fired the imagination and promised us so much! Well, it took a little longer than they thought but, finally, security robots are here! Not the ED-209 variety thankfully (Robocop this time) but a mobile home-security camera and communication device with a myriad of uses.

First of all, it can be set to patrol a perimeter using it’s 1080P camera which also has night vision and infra-red, recording as it goes. And, much like most fixed security cameras these days, you can connect to it via an App and observe as it goes or watch recorded footage later, if the need arises. Of course, you can also control it using the app ‘driving’ it around the home. And if your family is home, it has a two way microphone so you can converse with anyone via Ebo while you’re away. You can even talk to your pet if you wish, telling Ebo to go find them and leave it to entertain your furry friend for short periods of time. It even has a little red laser the cat can chase! There’s no Cloud storage either, it’s all on an SD card so no worries about privacy being compromised.

The downside is that, despite having an automatic function to go back to its charging station, it can often get lost and can’t find it’s way home, the battery dying while it hopelessly turns around in circles and anything more than a flat carpet is potentially going to stop it dead in its tracks. All in all, a fun bit of tech but not entirely sure I’d rely on it as my only security device in the home. RRP £229

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  • Silent movement
  • Small and light
  • Camera with night vision
  • Internal storage via SD card
  • Able to stop itself dropping over edges and right itself if knocked over
  • Can get lost and not be able to re-charge – not really suitable for long periods of time away
  • Not quite able to overcome all terrain – limited use if you don’t have hard floors.