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GrillEye Pro+ 4.5

There’s something about hosting a BBQ that will bring out all the professional chefs in your group, the moment the first sausage touches the grill you have Uncle Chris and Karen from number 12 telling you the best way to cook it.

Whip out the GrillEye Pro+ and they will back off and bow down to you as the head chef, this grill and smoking thermometer can connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to an app on your smart device allowing you to check on your food remotely.

Designed for BBQ enthusiasts the GrillEye Pro+ uses patent-pending hybrid-wireless, Adaptive Display System (A.D.S.) technologies and limitless range thanks to the Cloud. The Cloud will automatically switch between WiFi and Bluetooth so you can check on your food when you make a quick trip to the off-licence and text your pal to remove the burgers at the right time. GrillEye know when the suns out the BBQ’s are out so they have created a screen that is readable under direct sunlight, and the 2.7”, back lit Active Matrix Screen adapts to display meaningful information, according to your use.

The eight probe ports can keep track of eight different items of food at any one time, the probes are made from space-grade aluminium and won’t melt in your food, making GrillEye the 1st probe worldwide to receive FDA approval. The body can be rotated 360˚ to find the right viewing angle weather you are standing or sitting and the magnetic mount means it can be attached to the handle, body or legs of the BBQ (just check it doesn’t get too hot). Utilise the pre-set temperature alarms and timers created for specific meats or set up your own to get your food cooked just the way you like it.

The GrillEye Pro+ is a great BBQ thermometer, keep everyone happy by managing eight different food items at a time, even Uncle Chris can’t argue with GrillEye. RRP £99.99

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Perfect your BBQ skills with help from the GrillEye Pro+ and it’s eight individual probes.
  • Clear screen even in direct sunlight
  • Use up to eight probes at one time
  • Use the app to check on food from anywhere
  • Pre-set and customise alarms and timers
  • Can be used cooking indoors as well as BBQ’s