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HYDRAO Aloe and Yucca Smart Shower Heads HYDRAO Aloe and Yucca Smart Shower Heads
HYDRAO Aloe and Yucca Smart Shower Heads 4.5

During the last 12 months of lockdown our household has been focussing on more sustainable living and one of the areas we have looked at to both help the environment and save the pennies in our pockets is our utilities from both providers and products we use. This month we looked at ways to decrease our household spend from our two showers.

The HYDRAO Smart Shower is a new, eco-friendly shower head that aims to reduce our aquatic footprint with an aesthetically ludique way. Developed by French firm Smart & Blue, the HYDRAO Smart Shower is a straightforward and elegant solution to minimise excessive water usage.

Showers can be one of the biggest causes of wasted water but the Hydrao Shower Head allows you to record how much water is used during a shower allowing you to alter your habits to shower in a more sustainable way. The Hydrao Shower Head is powered by a turbine with the water flowing through the system ensuring that no extra power is wasted and that everything is battery free.

On the functionality there are three settings, rain, massage and mixed – to alter how the spray comes out of the nozzle whilst the shower head changes colour to alert you how much water you are using and how to reduce it towards more economical levels. Usually when a product like this comes out in the early stages looks wise they are a bit clunky but we found the product to be elegant with an easy set up as well.

The average shower uses 60L of water but with the HYDRAO Aloe and Yucca Smart Shower Heads this is reduced down to 20L with the Nudge system that changes colour depending on the volume of water used it nudges you to use the right amount of water per shower to avoid waste. The WaterSense water flow are flow limiters which reduce the water flow down to WaterSense standards without reducing the comfort.
We were really pleased with both Shower Heads and would highly recommend. RRP €143.80 for both.

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Easy to install and will pay for themselves over the year with water utility bills.
  • Elegant
  • Simple to install
  • Do what they say they will