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We have been looking for a top-class delivery box for a while and were very excited when we came across iParcelBox. We have deliveries everyday and sometimes we are stuck hanging around just because we knew we had deliveries coming. We know the postman and the local couriers pretty well but when we do go away for a few days we normally find a number of cards posted through the door saying parcels have been left with multiple neighbours or we need to make contact to reschedule the delivery.

The iParcelBox alleviates that problem and not only does it make sense from a practical point of view, it also allowed me to feel more relaxed when I was away as sometimes packages are left on the doorstep and that does worry me.

Pricewise I don’t think the £199 is a bad price and with that initial cost comes a free 3-month subscription to the premium features, after those first three months to carry on is £2 per month. Before the item arrived, I was discussing the product with the Editor and some of the questions she raised and wanted answered were…

What’s to stop someone just walking off with the box and the deliveries?
How is it powered, what if there is a power cut?
How big is it?
How does it alert you of deliveries?

So, firstly on the topic of an opportunist taking the iPacelbox with all the packages inside, this is alleviated by being able to actually fix the box to the floor or a wall with the pre drilled holes and it is also supplied with multi fixings. If the thief comes equipped with power tools however, they will be able to gain access, as they would to your house, I would check if it was broken into that it is covered by your house insurance.

The box is powered via a 5v DC power supply, and is provided with a 5v DC mains adapter, we fortunately already have an outlet on the outside wall where we wanted to install it. We get a lot of power cuts being out in the sticks and we were relieved to find out that if the power is cut then the iParcelBox automatically locks. The dimensions are Height: 42cm, Width: 60cm, Depth: 40cm. It can accept parcels up to a total size of 55cm wide, 35cm deep and 39cm high.

If your iParcelBox is empty, it will automatically unlock to allow a delivery. For subsequent deliveries you need to have access to your smartphone to remotely unlock to allow a delivery. If you have an iParcelBox Premium subscription you also have several options to allow unattended deliveries.

This is a well thought out product that does everything you need and will allow you to pop out for 30 minutes without having to worry that the couriers are annoying the neighbours. RRP £199

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Pop out for 30 minutes without having to worry
  • Good Size
  • Easy to Install
  • App is intuitive