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Juicy Retreats JR Ultra 8000 S3 Juicy Retreats JR Ultra 8000 S3
Juicy Retreats JR Ultra 8000 S3 4.5

Fruit. Lovely stuff. But, sometimes you want the energy and goodness out of fruit without having the time to peel it/prep it/munch on it and it’s so much easier in liquid form! Of course, the problem with that is if, like me, you just buy the nicest looking juice from the supermarket, you end up paying through the nose for it and if you go for the cheaper options, they tend to be made from a concentrate or have water added to them and you lose out as a result. So, a juicer would be a good shout, yes?

The Juicy Retreats JR Ultra 8000 s3 is a ‘slow juicer’. This basically means it avoids heat getting in to the process which can end up destroying useful enzymes and also means it gets the maximum amount of juice out of your fruit, if the leftover pulp is anything to go by. It comes with 3 different sized filters (smooth, thick and sorbet) so you have options, not just juice but thick juice! And I’m intrigued by the possibility of making sorbets using this thing, sounds delicious.

From a tech perspective, it does it’s thing at 50-60 dB’s (about normal conversation level, so no chance of drowning out those awkward conversations I’m afraid!) and has a 240 Watt motor. It has an automatic cut-out if the temperature gets too hot but you can comfortably use it to make quite a bit of juice before this happens and that’s if it’s in continuous use. The plastic is BPA free and dishwasher safe, making cleaning it a little easier. Speaking of cleaning, they’ve simplified the parts used in the juicing meaning less clogs and less pulp in the machine. Watch out for things like celery though, add that last! All in all, an impressive machine and the price tag may be justified with a 10 year motor warranty! RRP £494.99

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The JR Ultra 8000 S3 DuoDrive Slow Juicer has arrived.
  • Easy clean
  • A lot of juice extracted
  • Options for thicker juice and sorbet-style deserts
  • Quiet
  • It’s expensive!
  • Cleaning – no matter how much effort they put into this, there’s still going to be all that pulp to get rid of!