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Juicy Retreats Ultra 8000 S2 Juicy Retreats Ultra 8000 S2
Juicy Retreats Ultra 8000 S2 5

The JR Ultra 8000 S2 Whole Slow Juicer takes juicing to a whole new level; it can juice continually for up to 2 hours, longer than any other household slow juicer, and is suitable for both home and commercial use. The 8000 S2 uses advanced juicing design and technology with a new upgraded Advanced Squeeze Technology, two-step auger design and filters with a large mesh surface area to extract the maximum amount of juice, even from leafy greens. The JR Ultra 8000 S2 Juicer comes with the main unit, Smooth Juice Filter, Course Juice Filter, Frozen Fruit Dessert Filter, Pusher, Rotating Basket Brush, two jugs (one juice jug and one pulp jug), pulp sieve (for juice jug), cleaning brush, instruction manual and recipe book.

This juicer has a rotation speed of 37rpm and a rotation wiper speed of 17rpm, the juice is squeezed, pressed and moved by the 8000 S2 more gently than other whole slow juicers, these are among the slowest speeds of any whole slow juicer.

The slower the speed the more superior the juice with less oxidisation, more nutrition and much longer storage life. This machine can make juices, nut and bean milks, thick juice and smoothies as well as frozen fruit desserts, it comes with a unique non-drip mixing cap which lets you rinse the machine if you are doing more than one type of juice. The new FeedSafe chute lets you safely drop more foods in their whole form into the machine, keeping your hands out of harm’s way. The unit itself is rather large at 49cm tall x 16cm wide x 26cm deep and will take up a fair amount of space on your worktop, it is also pretty hefty at 8kg but this ensures it is sturdy whilst working. It looks attractive, and although the majority of the components are plastic (BPA free) they feel reasonably thick, so will hopefully remain durable.

The 8000 S2 is easy to use, reasonably quiet (50-60 dB noise level), has forward and reverse functions, an overheat and overload cut-out safety system and is easy to clean. This certainly isn’t a cheap product, but the juice it produces is lovely, full of flavour, tastes delicious and healthy, better than any from the cheap juicer we had at home, and it will work quietly away in the background ensuring you get the best possible results with the least amount of effort. RRP £424.99

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sometimes the wait of the squeeze is worth the juice
  • Up to 2 hours of continuous juicing
  • Easy to Clean
  • Quiet
  • 37rpm rotation speed, 17rpm wiper speed
  • Simple to use
  • FeedSafe Chute