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Kally Weighted Anxiety Blanket Kally Weighted Anxiety Blanket
Kally Weighted Anxiety Blanket 5

We have only recently come across weighted blankets but as soon as we learnt there was a link to reducing anxiety, we were keen to find out more.

Having already fallen in love with the Kally Pregnancy Pillow we were excited to receive the Kally Weighted Anxiety Blanket. Anxiety will often rear its ugly head at moments of relaxation, ever been lying in bed only to have some unpleasant thought creep its way into your mind? The science behind the Kally Weighted Anxiety Blanket is that it uses Deep Touch Pressure Touch Stimulation therapy (pressure via touch) which has been proven to reduce anxiety and improve sleep. It works by delivering pressure across the body which increases the release of the serotonin (the happy chemical) creating a feeling of calm and making it easier to relax and acknowledge those thoughts for what they are, just thoughts that can be dismissed.

This blanket is made with quilted pockets that have tiny glass beads tucked deep inside the padding which provide an even pressure. The outer material is a soft and breathable quilted cotton with anti-allergy treated fibres inside to protect against bacteria and odours, the blanket is also machine washable. It comes in Light Blue, Light Grey and White, it comes in a king size, 203cm x 152cm letting you fully wrap up and weighs 7.2kg/16lbs, research suggests a weighted blanket should weigh 10% of a person’s body weight making this blanket ideal for people between 55-80kg. It is worth noting that due to the weight this blanket isn’t recommended during pregnancy, those who cannot remove the blanket themselves, sufferers of respiratory issues or children under 12.

The Weighted Anxiety Blanket can be used to reduce symptoms of sleep disorder, autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder, depression, anxiety and PTSD, but has also been shown to help with restless leg syndrome, arthritis, fibromyalgia and body pain. The Anxiety Blanket is like being given a hug, I could instantly feel the benefits, I felt cosy, calm and secure, similar to the feeling when my cat curls up in my lap but all over and with less hair, the power of the pressure is undeniable. RRP £79.99

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This weighted blanket uses pressure touch stimulation therapy to release serotonin to help relax both the body and mind and reduce anxiety
  • Deep Touch Pressure Touch Stimulation Therapy
  • Releases serotonin
  • Tiny glass beads provide an even pressure
  • Feels like a comforting, relaxing hug
  • Soft and breathable quilted cotton fabric
  • Anti-allergy treated fibres
  • Suitable for people weighing 55-80kg
  • For all types of sleeper or just for comfort
  • King Size
  • Only one size and weight currently available