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Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera
Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera 4

Home security cameras are becoming a much more common way of protecting our home, however a complicated installation process can put people off, the Kami is an Wire-Free Outdoor camera that allows you total freedom when it comes to choosing where to place it.

There is no hub required, no professional installation required, simply choose your location attach the metal mount with the screws and the camera will twist on to attach. The freedom from wires means you can place it further from your home, perhaps a tree at the end of you drive for example, facing your home rather than trying to angle it when attached to you house. The Kami comes with four rechargeable batteries and we received a charger too, these batteries look like larger versions of AAs so chances are you will have to purchase a new charger. The camera has an IP65 certified “dust tight” and weatherproof casing and can operate in the temperature range of 10º to 50°C, the rotational mount gives you a variety of viewing angles that can easily be adjusted if needed. The Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera uses PIR motion sensors to reduce the chance of the camera activating caused by moving trees and plants or cars at distance for example.

The lens is a 140° wide-angle lens, that produces 1080p HD images, and features enhanced night vision for clearer images in low light, there is a Micros SD card slot available (no card included) to directly store your videos. When unusual sound or motion is detected you’ll receive an alert directly on your phone, and a 6 second recording will be saved on to the card and for online Cloud storage and longer videos there are subscriptions available. For £40 a year you get 7- day history, it records the entire time there is motion, captures every alert (no cool down period) on one camera. £100 offers the same but with 15 -day history for up to 5 cameras and £130 does the same as the previous but provides 30 days history. For continuous 24/7 recording for 1 camera with 7 days history you can sign up for £80 a year. Other features include the two-way audio which allows you to speak directly to people on your property when you are away, the Kami is also compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google. You can check in with a live feed of the camera at any time via the app from anywhere, giving you peace of mind when away from the property. This low-cost camera doesn’t offer the best zoom function or much in the way of features and that battery can run down quickly when capturing lots of motion, however the image is clear. The two-way audio is handy and the Wire-Free mounting offers flexible mounting which means there is a lot to like in this budget camera. RRP £79.99

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This low-cost camera provides the most essential home security features in a strong and easy to mount device.
  • Low cost
  • Wire-free mounting
  • Two-way audio
  • 140-degree lens
  • 1080p images
  • Minimal false activations
  • Cloud or SD storage
  • Robust, weatherproof casing
  • Poor zoom
  • Limited functions
  • Battery can drain quickly in busy settings