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KitchenAid Light and Shadow Limited Edition Artisan Stand Mixer KitchenAid Light and Shadow Limited Edition Artisan Stand Mixer
KitchenAid Light and Shadow Limited Edition Artisan Stand Mixer 5

KitchenAid are known for making kitchen appliances that are as beautiful as they are functional but, the Light and Shadow Limited Edition Stand Mixer is a new level of gorgeous, as well as being the perfect partner for cooks, bakers and chefs alike.

This mixer comes in with a 4.8L capacity and uses a contrast of light and dark, smooth and textured that make this Artisan Stand Mixer stand out more than ever before. The main body has a sand-tone finish whilst the mixing bowl is black with pyramidal studs and crazing, it resists chipping, cracking, crazing and staining. The finishing touches include the unique trim band with contrasting finishes, and hub cover which can be removed to plug in a wide range of optional attachments, more on those later. This mixer uses a direct-drive motor with efficient wattage to power conversion straight into the bowl, the robust design is strong enough to handle even the toughest mixes.

Constructed from solid zinc metal it is built to last a lifetime and more and comes with a five-year guarantee and comes with a stainless steel whisk, dough hook and flat beater, and you can clean all accessories in the dishwasher. It can take on both small and large batches, with the ability to process up to 12 eggs, 1l of whipped cream, in baking terms this will give you a 2.7kg cake or 9 dozen cookies. The stand mixer was the original home stand mixer with the unique ‘planetary action’, this allows the beater to spiral to at least 59 touchpoints around the bowl for a fast and thorough mix. The speed can be adjusted via the control lever from a gentle stir at level 1 up, beating at 6 and fast whipping at level 10. This stunning mixer will become your sous chef, it’s strong, consistent, reliable and versatile, at the end of the day it is easy to clean and will sit pretty on your work top ready for the next culinary adventure. RRP £ 699

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Vegetable Sheet Cutter RRP £ 119

This sheet cutter encourages you to get creative with fresh fruits and vegetables by creating sheets of courgette, apples, cucumbers, potatoes, and much more with options for thin or thick sheets. The fast hands-free action quickly powers through the fruit or vegetable whilst the robust premium metal construction provides durable long-lasting performance.

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Meat Grinder RRP £85

Grind meats, veggies, cheese and bread with this grinder, there are two settings, coarse (6mm) or fine (4.5mm) and the strong stainless-steel plates produce consistent results. Meats should be extremely cold or even partially frozen for the best results. It comes with a removable tray and a handy food pusher, to safely move the food towards the grinding plates and the whole thing is easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

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Sausage Stuffer Extension Pack RRP £20

The Sausage Stuffer fits on the food grinder which offers two 2 sizes, the 9.5mm for smaller sausages or the 19mm for sausages like Bratwurst. You have full control over the ingredients so you know there are no additives and only the carefully selected the meats, spices or herbs that you want.

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Beautiful, efficient and reliable, you will not regret adding this mixer to your kitchen.
  • Stunning and unique design
  • Powerful
  • Reliable
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Built to last
  • Machine washable accessories
  • Beautiful design in a wide range of colours
  • Versatile