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KitchenAid Toaster Long Slot 4 Slice (5KMT5115BER) KitchenAid Toaster Long Slot 4 Slice (5KMT5115BER)
KitchenAid Toaster Long Slot 4 Slice (5KMT5115BER) 4.5

The first things you notice about a KitchenAid product is the iconic design, bold glossy colours and shiny metal details, which make for a standout kitchen appliance.

The Long Slot 4 Slice (5KMT5115BER) comes in three colours, Almond Cream, Onyx Black and the classic Empire Red, it features an extra long and extra wide slot. This slot design means you can fit in standard sliced bread as well as thicker or longer artisan bread or oddly shaped homemade bread.

You can toast up to four slices at a time and the handy Bagel function reduces the power on one side by 50% to gently brown the bottom whilst toasting the top. The high lift handle means no risk of burnt fingers whilst trying to retrieve a crumpet or English muffin. There is a button that can be used to toast your bread just a little longer if it isn’t as brown as you like it without committing to another full toasting (which often leads to forgetting about it and burning it). Mornings are often a manic time in most households and it is easy to forget to grab your toast once it has popped up but the reheat button lets you quickly reheat cold toast in under a minute.

There is also a button to quickly defrost frozen goods and a cancel button will pop up your toast at any point in the cycle, the six adjustable temperatures let you get toast just the way you like it. All the crumbs are collected in a slide out drawer for disposal with minimal mess. The compact design 200H x 190W x 400D mm makes it easy to store away in a cupboard or leave out in pride of place on the worktop. The plastic construction makes it lightweight and easy to clean, it also means the outside of the toaster remains cool when in use but if you prefer a slightly more premium looking finish there is a metal version available for an extra £24. As expected from a KitchenAid product it performed well, it toasted quickly and the larger slots with that high lift makes it much more versatile for a range of breads. RRP £135.00

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A beautiful, versatile and functional toaster.
  • Extra-long and wide slots
  • High lift
  • Bagel function
  • Reheat, defrost and top up modes
  • Six toast settings
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Outside remains cool
  • Toast four items at once
  • Plastic finish might not be to every one’s taste.