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Lupe Pure Cordless Vacuum Lupe Pure Cordless Vacuum
Lupe Pure Cordless Vacuum 5

We have reviewed quite a few cordless vacuums over the last five years and the main issue with them tends to be they are simply not powerful enough to do the job a mains power vacuum can do, enter the Pure Cordless Vacuum from Lupe.

The founders of Lupe are Lucas Horne and Pablo Montero who met whilst working together in the research and development department of a leading floor care brand. It turned out to be a meeting of minds that culminated a shared vision: engineer class-beating cleaning products and in 2015 they founded Lupe. With their “do what we should, not what we could”, mantra in mind, they got to work, lots of blood, sweat and head scratching later they engineered a vacuum cleaner with strength and enduring power that’s resilient against dirt and grime as well as changes in future technology. In doing so they eradicated the things consumers found irritating about cordless vacuums – poor suction and short charge times.

The vacuum is comprised of eight main parts the brush bar head, motor body, dust collector, battery, handle, hose and two detail attachments. That might seem like a lot, but all the parts click into place with zero fumbling and all buttons, latches and controls are clearly highlighted. The vacuum is very easy to assemble and each part can be replaced for a cost effective price meaning you could potentially have this vacuum for the rest of your life.

Upon first use you can feel the quality you are paying for, it manoeuvres fantastically well and the suction is something I have never experience in a cordless vacuum. We used it upright at first and what’s nice is when the 5 month old starts crying you can leave it in its upright position rather than laying it on the floor or leaning it against something. Its power head is comprised of a soft black rubber front roller which snatches items while increasing suction power, and working in tandem with a reverse spinning rear brush which agitates the carpet, flinging debris into the extra large one-litre collection bin.
To use the Lupe as a stick vacuum, simply remove the handle and plug in one end of the hose. You can now reach high shelves and do the stairs and cobwebs with the detail attachments. In essence this is doing the job of two vacuums. I must admit I did baulk at the price but having now used the Lupe for a month I think this brand is going to be creeping into a lot of houses over the next few years. RRP £499

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Every detail considered in this innovative cordless vacuum
  • Quality Build
  • Great Suction
  • 2 for 1
  • Innovative Design
  • Makes the competition look bad