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Microplane Black Sheep Microplane Black Sheep
Microplane Black Sheep 5

Like so many great brands Microplane was born out of frustration of not being able to find the right tool for the job, the story goes that when a Canadian housewife was getting annoyed with her orange zester, she went to the garage to grab one of the woodwork tools and found it did the job perfectly.

This laid the foundation for the creation of Microplane kitchen graters that use photo-etching technology and an innovative process specifically designed to create ultra-sharp cutting edges. 50 years on and Microplane is now the preferred grater of choice for professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts worldwide, even someone like me who can burn a sandwich has two in the drawer. The new Black Sheep range is a beautiful all black set that includes the Grater Coarse, Grater Fine, Grater Extra Coarse, Grater Groater and the Grater Ribbon. We received the Coarse and Fine to take a closer look at, they are made from a strong but light stainless steel, ensuring you get a long life out of them and importantly they are dishwasher proof thanks to the metal handle, no grated kitchen sponges here. The scratch proof PVD, all black matte finish is very elegant, they wouldn’t look out of place hanging up in the kitchen or attached to a magnetic knife strip, you will want to show them off. They both measure up at 65w x 15h x 300l mm and are made in the USA, the teeth are extremely sharp and act like knives to cut into the ingredients whilst giving you precise control at all times, the design ensures the food then falls away from the grater rather than sticking to it or blocking the holes.

The blade ensures that food does not stick or block, but instead gently slides along the cutting surface to produce perfect results every time. They are easy to use with the handle providing a good grip and a none slip silicone strip giving you even greater control (see what we did there). You can grate directly onto the dish and over a wide surface area unlike a box grater, they all come with a protective plastic cover for storage. We were more than happy to add these too graters to our collection, they are a pleasure to use whether you are grating cheese, chilli, chocolate, cinnamon, citrus fruit, garlic, ginger or nuts.

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It is easy to see why these high performing graters are popular with both chefs and home cooks alike.
  • Ultra-sharp teeth
  • Elegant matte black finish
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Food falls from grater, no blockages
  • Protective cover