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Morso Balcone electric BBQ Morso Balcone electric BBQ
Morso Balcone electric BBQ 4

With space becoming more of a premium and flats becoming more common-place, the good old Barbecue is rapidly becoming to large for our shrinking outdoor areas…. Well, Morso have come up with a solution. An electric barbecue small enough to hang on a balcony yet powerful enough to get some serious grilling done! No flames so no worries about breaking any (very sensible) safety regulations and the opportunity to become the BBQ master of the third floor!

The power output can get up to 1800 Watts which is plenty hot enough to cook thoroughly and the grill itself is made of enamelled cast iron which is great at transferring heat and is easy to clean afterwards – just make sure you don’t use abrasive materials to do so! It’s also split in to 2 separate heat levels with two thirds being your normal heat and the other third being cooler so you can keep food warm once it’s cooked. The temperature is controlled via a knob on the side so you’re not just stuck at 1 temperature and it only needs about 15 minutes heating time before it’s ready to go.

The base is made from solid PA Nylon, useful for its resilience and heat resistant properties and the casing is made from sturdy aluminium and the whole thing weighs only about 9 Kg which is fairly lightweight for what it is. A word of warning however – the provided power cable is only 2 metres long and so it’s going to be worth investing in an extension cable for most people and the bracket that supports it on a balcony railing is a separate purchase of £69 so be prepared to need a solid table to rest it on if you’re unable to get that straight away.RRP £429

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A great idea and a decent barbecue that allows people without the room to enjoy outdoor cooking.
  • Quick to heat up
  • Convenient
  • Easy to clean
  • Allows outdoor cooking for those without easy access to an outdoor area
  • Considering what it’s designed for, the brackets should have been included and not a separate purchase in my opinion.