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Mountfield MM2603 Mountfield MM2603
Mountfield MM2603 3.5

Ahhh, British Summertime! Picnics, fresh air, lashings and lashings of ginger beer (hurrah!)… Oh, and gardening. Not my favourite thing I must admit but essential, nonetheless. Venturing in to the shed for multiple gardening tools each Spring and Summer is an adventure all by itself, not to mention the multiple trips to DIY stores and Garden Centres trying to find replacement parts… This thing manages 3 jobs in one however so should hopefully help cut down that part of the whole endeavour at least!

The MM2603 has a maximum length of 221cm when fitted with its longest attachment, the hedge trimmer, giving you plenty of reach and enough length to deal with the tallest of hedges. Of course, the head also swivels allowing you to evenly trim the tops of your hedges too, saving an awful lot of effort! The blades are paced at 2.5cm intervals so anything larger is going to need something more heavy duty but 2.5cm is pretty thick to be fair and most of us aren’t going to have much larger than that in our garden. The other two attachments are designed more for lawn strimming and bramble clearing. A typical nylon spool for light work and a 3 bladed metal attachment for those tougher areas of greenery.

This gardening tool is petrol-driven so it’s likely going to cost more than an electrically charged trimming tool to run over time, Mountfield do offer battery powered options as well. The trade-off is that it’s simply more powerful than most electric trimmers out there and far more likely to get the job done in a shorter period of time. Of course, this does mean regular trips to get petrol not to mention the awkwardness of having to get the fuel back home and stored safely, not to mention the additional cleaning and looking after a petrol-driven device needs but if it’s power you’re after, that’s the price you pay! RRP £327

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If you’ve got a tough strimming job that needs doing, this will make light work of it
  • Powerful
  • Does the job quickly
  • Good reach
  • Able to deal with most thick branches likely to be found in most gardens
  • Not very ‘green’
  • Lots of maintenance to keep it in best working order.
  • Over 100 dB’s – you WILL need ear protectors!