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Netatmo Presence Outdoor Camera Netatmo Presence Outdoor Camera
Netatmo Presence Outdoor Camera 5

Did you know the most common way a burglar will break into your property is via your front door?

Many of us have security lights situated at the front door making it an ideal place to install the Netatmo Presence Outdoor Camera, this upgrades your lighting to a subscription free security camera. This camera might look rather pricey when compared to some security systems, but it is a one-off payment, no monthly fees and free video storage.

The Presence needs mains power to work this is where it’s a great choice to replace an existing security light, it’s just a case of drilling two holes to attach it and then connecting up the wires at the back. This keeps all the wires safely tucked away and prevents an intruder snipping them, the design of the camera is ultra-discrete, it would easily be mistaken for a security light with just the small lens at the bottom looking like the motion sensor.

The downside here is that we have little lanterns on our property, and this certainly isn’t as pretty, it also means if they are all connected via the same switch the lights will have to stay on the whole time for the camera to stay on, its best to connect to an isolated light. Once installed the camera then connects to an app on your smart device where you can receive alerts in real time if there is an unknown person or vehicle on your property, it can tell the difference between people, cars and animals, so it won’t get triggered by leaves and bugs.

You can customise the alerts, so if you have a dog or there are lots of local moggies about it won’t be triggered unnecessarily, you can even set your alert preferences and define the exact areas that you want to monitor with the Alert-Zones feature. The built-in smart lighting system means if there is an alert, the floodlight will switch on and can deter intruders, it can also be activated manually through the app or set to switch on if a person, car or animal is detected and light your path when you come home.

The camera records in 1080p Full HD videos, it has local video storage and is 100 % secured locally on an encrypted microSD card (16GB included, compatible up to 32GB), as well as infrared night vision (15m / 49ft), and ultra-long detection up to 20m / 65 ft. There is optional cloud storage on Dropbox or FTP and the videos can be zoomed in digitally up to 8 times for a closer look at small details.

The Presence is compatible with voice control just say “Ok Google, switch on the garden light” and your garden will light up. There are lots of ways to adjust the set up in the app, including the light on/off/auto mode, the brightness, you can select your motion zones, trigger preferences and play the videos back either over WiFi or remotely. This camera is a little pricey compared to some but it offers so much, simple installation, bright adjustable light, intuitive app and accurate motion detection, plus the added bonus of zero monthly subscriptions. RRP £269.99

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A high performing camera, a great choice for avoiding monthly subscription fees without compromising on features.
  • Data stored 100 % securely on encrypted microSD card
  • 1080p Full HD videos
  • Bright adjustable light
  • Infrared night vision
  • Optional cloud storage on Dropbox or FTP
  • Ultra-long detection up to 20m
  • Straight forward installation
  • Break-in alerts
  • Detects people, cars, animals
  • No subscription fees
  • Voice assistant compatible
  • Accurate motion detection